Monday, June 17, 2019

Contribute to the creation of the Nicomekl River Neighbourhood Plan

Langley City is undergoing a generational update of our official community plan. An official community plan is almost like a constitution for a municipality; it is the framework on which other policies and bylaws must align with.

An official community plan contains the guiding principals for land-use matters such as density, affordability, and design. It also includes principals on how to maintain and enhance the transportation network, water system, sewer system, parks, recreation facilities, and cultural amenities. Official community plans also provide guidance on environmental protection and climate change mitigation measures. These plans also can speak to social planning matters such as poverty reduction.

Official community plans in our region must be consistent with the objects of the Metro Vancouver Regional District’s Regional Growth Strategy.

The last major update to Langley City’s official community plan was done in 2005/06, and the last significant update was done in 1999. The City is currently in the process of completing a significant update to our official community plan.

Because official community plans tend to be higher-level documents, sometimes it makes sense to also develop neighbourhood plans. Neighbourhood plans expand on the guiding principals of an official community plan for specific neighbourhoods. In Langley City, we currently have a Downtown Master Plan which is a neighbourhood plan.

Looking north from the Nicomekl River Floodplain. Select image to enlarge.

The Nicomekl River floodplain system is a significant asset for our community, and council believes that the floodplain and surrounding area deserves special attention. A neighbourhood plan for the Nicomekl River area is being developed in conjunction with the official community plan update.

Because these plans can last for decades, it is important that people who live, or have an interest in Langley City, can meaningfully contribute to the development of these plans.

As part of the first phase of developing the Nicomekl River Neighbourhood Plan, there is an upcoming workshop and opening house.

The workshop details are as follows:
Date: Tuesday, June 25
Time: 9:00am to Noon

The City of Langley is hosting a design workshop to explore the future of the Nicomekl River and its surroundings. During this 3-hour session we will learn about the floodplain, discuss our most ambitious dreams for the neighbourhood, and develop design concepts. The results of the workshop will help shape the neighbourhood plan which will guide growth and development for years to come!
You must register to attend.

The open housing details are as follows:
Date: Wednesday, June 26
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: Main Floor — Langley City Hall

Phase 1 is all about reaching out to the community to hear what you have to say. This phase introduces key issues and trends and includes an open house for community input into the development of neighbourhood plan concepts.

There will be other opportunities to contribute to the development of the Nicomekl River Neighbourhood Plan, and the updated official community plan. These opportunities will be posted on the City’s website, and I’ll also be posting about them here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan, is the idea of creating the Nicomekl River District to create higher density opportunities on both the South and North side of the flood plain? Is there a Map of what area this will encompass?

Nathan Pachal said...

Hi. There should be more info coming out next week regarding the exact “study area”. The current idea is that the floodplain is an important part of our community, and we should plan around it better. As far as density, nothing has been decided. The first discussion on the district will take place next week. I’ll post about the results next week too. This is part of phase one of a three phase process.