Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 18, 2017 Council Meeting Notes: Traffic Calming Approved near Linwood Park

Traffic calming in an important issue for many people who live in Langley City. It is becoming something that the City is increasingly focusing on. $400,000 was specifically budgeted for implementing traffic calming measures this year throughout the community. This is in addition to projects like 203rd Street.

Back in June, Council approved traffic calming measures around Conder Park, at Brydon Park, and along 198th Street.

The City held an open house near the end of July to get feedback from residents for traffic calming measures along Michaud Crescent and 201A Street near Linwood Park. The open house was well attended. Based on the feedback from the open house, City staff proposed that the following traffic calming measures be implemented.

Design of temporary painted curb bulges with delineators at the intersection of Michaud Crescent and 201A Street. Select image to enlarge.

Location of three approved speed humps on Michaud Crescent and two speed humps on 201A Street. Select image to enlarge.

The proposed design of the intersection at Michaud Crescent and 201A Street uses paint and delineators to narrow the intersection. This is because the City will be completing a greenway plan for the Michaud corridor in 2018 that, if approved could start construction in 2019. The paint and delineators will allow traffic calming before the full greenway plan is implemented.

On Monday night, Langley City council approved the proposed traffic calming measures.

Many residents also requested a four-way stop be installed at 201A Street and Michaud Crescent. City staff will be completing an evaluation to see if a four-way stop is warranted. Streets need to have similar traffic volumes to warrant a four-way stop. If the evaluation comes back positive, a four-way stop will be installed.

Some people think that four-way stops are a good traffic calming measure. They are not. The following is a small sample from the Traffic Calming Program from London, Ontario about why four-way stops are not a good idea for traffic calming. The full list is longer.

  • Creates higher traffic speeds between stop signs.
  • Results in poor compliance with stop signs due to driver frustration.
  • Results in more frequent rear-end collisions caused by low percentage of motorists who actually do come to a complete stop.
  • Potential risk to pedestrians especially children and seniors crossing an intersection, since not all motorists approaching an intersection will stop.

City staff is working hard to get the speed humps installed at all traffic calming location this fall.


Ryan said...

What impact will these speed humps have on emergency vehicles that use these routes frequently for emergency calls?

Nathan Pachal said...

The speed tables (as opposed to a speed bumps) are designed to minimize impacts to emergency vehicles. https://www.surrey.ca/city-services/780.aspx

Meghan said...

Well the speed bumps certainly do nothing to slow down cars so I'm sure the emergency vehicles will be fine