Thursday, January 26, 2017

First Look at TransLink’s 10-Year Vision Dashboard

Yesterday, I posted about TransLink’s 10-Year Vision, and how it relates to transit service expansion, walking, cycling, and other road improvements in the South of Fraser.

The 10-Year Vision splits up the Mayors’ Council Regional Transportation Investments plan into manageable, fundable pieces.

Today, the Mayors’ Council will be having a public meeting. On the agenda is a report from the funding strategy committee. Included in the agenda is a slide which shows how transit service will improve over the next decade, plus what was recently approved in phase 1, and what is proposed for phase 2. It also includes the timing for other transportation improvement funding, plus the major projects such as the SkyTrain expansion and the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge.

10-Year Vision Investment Dashboard. Select dashboard to enlarge.

Phase 1 of the vision includes 50% of the proposed new bus service level increases and HandyDart service level increases which is significant. As it stands now, phase 2 will see only a modest increase in transit service levels because phase 2 will be funding the start of expanding the rapid transit expansion in Surrey and along Broadway as well as the construction of the Pattullo Bridge.

As I stated yesterday, our region’s vision for building a multi-modal transportation network is now heading in the right direction. I look forward to a finalized funding agreement for phase 2.

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