Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Major changes to the bus network with start of Evergreen Extension. More stops for the 595.

With December only a day away, it means some major changes are coming to our transit network. On Friday, December 2nd, the Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line will open at noon. TransLink will be hosting events throughout the day at Coquitlam Central Station, and between 4:00pm and 7:30pm at the other new stations. “Festive cookies” will be provided at the new stations. For more information about Evergreen Extension events, visit TransLink’s Evergreen page.

The start of December also means changes to the bus network. On December 19th, there will be a series of changes to the bus network in the Tri-Cities area. The following map shows the new transit network of the Northeast Sector.

Maps of the new transit network in the Northeast Sector starting December 19th. Select map to enlarge.

TransLink is also discontinuing the 135 route, and replacing it with the 95 B-Line along Hastings Street. The 160 route will be shortened.

Map of the new 95 B-Line along Hastings, and changes to the 160 route. Select map to enlarge.

Other major changes include replacing the West Coast Express TrainBus with an extension of some trips of the 701 route to Mission. These trips will have the same arrival and departure times in Mission as the TrainBus. The 595 which serves the 208 Street corridor in Willoughby will be getting additional stops along that route.

For more information about all the route changes, please check out TransLink’s website.

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