Monday, September 19, 2016

TransLink’s new 10-year plan means major service improvements in the South of Fraser

The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation recently approved TransLink’s latest 10 year plan. This new 10 year plan is based on the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision which was originally proposed to be paid for by a 0.5% sale tax which voters rejected.

This summer, the federal government committed $370 million for transit capital funding in Metro Vancouver. The province government contributed $246 million, and TransLink committed $125 million by selling off assets.

While this capital funding is welcome news, it would not result in the desperately needed expansion of bus or rail service in our region.

Map of phase one transportation improvement. Select map to enlarge. Download PDF from TransLink's website.

In order to restart investing to improve transit service in our region, the Mayors’ Council and TransLink have split-up the original 10-year vision into three phases. Phase one, which was approved on Friday, includes the following transportation investments:

  • 28 new SkyTrain cars, 22 new Canada Line cars, 5 new West Coast Express cars, and a third SeaBus.
  • Expo Line and Canada Line station upgrades.
  • Planning and pre-construction work for Broadway and South of Fraser rapid transit
  • 40% of the bus service hour expansion and 35% of the rapid transit service hour expansion proposed in the original 10-year vision.
  • Increased funding for the major road network, walking, and cycling projects.
  • 5 new B-Lines, plus planning and design for 2 more B-Lines that will be implemented in phase 2.

The South of Fraser is in desperate need of increased transit service, and the largest share of expanded bus service in phase one will be within the South of Fraser.

Table of phase one region bus service expansion. Select table to enlarge.

The following infographic shows the investments proposed for the South of Fraser.

Phase one transportation improvements for the South of Fraser. Select infographic to enlarge. Download PDF from TransLink's website.

Some of the major highlights include a new Fraser Highway B-Line, and new transit service in South Surrey, Clayton, and Willougby.

To pay for the increased service proposed in phase one, there will be an additional 10 cent fare increase in mid-2017 along with normal inflationary fare increases. There will also be an additional on average $3 dollar annual property tax increase over-and-above the normal inflationary property tax increase. There will also be a new regional developer-paid fee for transportation which will be implemented by no later than 2020.

TransLink will be havinng a public consultation on the phase one plan, and you can find out more information at their new 10-year vision website.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the info (as always), I don't suppose you know what the proposed journey time between Langley City and the Sky Train at Surrey Central will be? Also, is a possible Sky Train solution still on the cards for the Fraser Highway? Thanks, Lisa

Nathan Pachal said...

I'm not sure of the travel time, and yes, SkyTrain could very much be possible along Fraser Highway.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nathan.

My commute home has now been expanded an additional 20 mins onto of that 4O mins bus ride, and also now I must make a transfer! So in 1 hour and 20 mins of bus or I can drive and be there in 20.... We got cheated. I can't believe you don't see it.