Thursday, August 4, 2016

City of Langley Community Survey Results: Quality of Life and City Services

Every three year, the City of Langley commissions a community survey as a way to take a pulse of what people that call Langley home feel about their community. The survey is weighted to match the demographics of Langley, but it does rely on interviewing people with landline phones exclusively. This means that some demographics may not be fully represented in the survey.

Nonetheless, the survey’s results provide valuable insight into what people think about Langley City. Over the next little while, I’ll be sharing some of the results of the survey.

Overall, people are satisfied with their quality of life in Langley City though around 28% said that their quality of life has worsened over the last three years. People's views that quality of life has worsened in Langley City has been trending down over the last decade.

Overall quality of life of residents in the City of Langley. Select chart to enlarge.

Changes in the quality of life over the past three year. Select chart to enlarge.

The follow charts shows why people think that quality of life has improved, and why quality of life has worsened.

Reasons why quality of life has improved. Select chart to enlarge.

Reasons why quality of life has worsened. Select chart to enlarge.

One of the promises I made during the election campaign was to work towards improving our parks and streets including keeping them in a state of good repair and enhancing safety. I also stated that we need to move forward with our action plan to reduce homelessness. While these things won’t happen overnight, they must be addressed.

People have been consistently satisfied with the services that the City of Langley provides. The one exception is road conditions which has tracked down 9% over the last 12 years.

Satisfaction with City of Langley services over the last 12 years. Select chart to enlarge.

As a community we will need to invest more to ensure that our core infrastructure remains in a state of good repair, while improving active transportation infrastructure and implementing traffic calming. Next week, I’ll post more about the results of the community survey.

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