Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Focusing on TransLink's corporate and policing expenses

This week, I'm focusing on information found in TransLink 2014 Statutory Annual Report.

In 2014, TransLink had $1.3 billion in recurring expenses. The vast majority of these expenses are to deliver on-the-ground transit service, maintain the transportation network in the region, and pay for the major road network and bridges.

Even though billions of dollars go to fund these items, it is TransLink’s corporate and policing expenses that seem to always be under the microscope.

TransLink corporate costs include the board, mayors’ council, and executive. It also includes IT, HR, finance, and transportation planning. Starting in 2010, TransLink began the process of centralizing IT away from its operating companies like Coast Mountain Bus and BC Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC). In 2014, TransLink moved a further five IT positions from BCRTC to corporate. Other increases in corporate costs are due to the introduction of the Compass Card.

The increased cost of policing is mainly due to labour costs including a collective agreement signed in 2011 which includes annual 3% wage increases as well as increases for years worked.

The follow graph shows how TransLink’s corporate and policing costs relate to overall expenses. I’ve shown the costs in dollars and as a percentage.

TransLink's corporate and policing costs as it relates to overall expenses from 2010 to 2014. Select graph to enlarge.

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