Thursday, May 14, 2015

Township's long-term plan for 200th Street about people not cars

When I was reviewing the Latimer Neighbourhood Land-Use Plan, I came across at section of the plan that talked about the future of 200th Street.

Today 200th Street is a speed way. It is up to eight lanes wide in some areas. 200th Street is the backbone for North/South connectivity in urban Langley.

Langley Township has the lowest transit mode share of any community in Metro Vancouver at about 2%.

While most people see 200th Street as a major highway, the long-term goal for the corridor will be to transform it into a multi-modal corridor. In the future, 200th Street will actually have more space dedicated for walking, cycling, and transit, then for driving.

Potential Cross-Section of Ultimate 200 Street Corridor from Latimer Neighbourhood Land-Use Plan. Select Image to Enlarge.

The long—term vision will see 200th Street transform into a boulevard with frequent transit service running down the centre. With high-quality transit service along 200th Street, transit mode share is predicted to increase to 8%, a four-fold increase over transit mode share today. With rapid transit, that number will be even higher.

While frequent transit service isn’t provided along the 200th Street corridor today, the Township of Langley, through the Latimer and Carvolth Neighbourhood Land-Use Plans, is supporting high transit usage for when service is provided.

If people vote “Yes” to the Mayors’ Council transit plan, the long-term vision for 200th Street will be much closer to becoming a reality.


Dave Hall said...

In my lifetime ?????"supporting high transit usage for when service is provided."

Well given the 10 year time frame to "possibly" see light rail or Skytrain along Fraser Highway, the history of delayed promises on the Evergreen line, and the seemingly higher priorities given to projects everywhere but in the Langley's, this is optimistic dreaming at best.

So while we wait, will there be some solutions to car gridlock or will planners just continue to ignore the demands of those who are so attached to their cars by choice or having few alternatives?

James Hansen said...

This image caught my eye as well (in fact I tweeted about it not too long ago), and it is a great concept.

Unfortunately, while I think it is a great idea, I don't foresee it happening with the current council, even with a Yes vote.

The reason is that all road improvements are paid for with DCCs - taxes levied on new development by the Township of Langley, so unless the entire stretch of 200th street is redeveloped, I don't see how this isn't going to happen. We'll probably get one or two blocks of the road with this design, maybe, if the Carvolth Neighbourhood plan is completed. Look at 208th Street in Willoughby for an example of how well developer driven road improvements worked out there.

Maybe if Translink agree to fund this plan and design it could happen, but as it stands it's just and idea put on paper by one of the skilled city planners at TOL, and won't come to fruition without a major change in infrastructure funding policy.