Monday, May 11, 2015

Drawing attention to Langley's City Park; new name for dog off-leash park

Langley City Park is located along 207th Street between 48th Avenue and 51B Avenue. It is one of the larger parks in the City, and is host to many amenities such as a swimming pool, water park, picnic tables, playgrounds, and various sports fields. City Park is also home to the Langley Community Music School. This park, like the Nicomekl Floodplain Trail System, is a destination which serves the whole community.

If you just walked by the park, you wouldn’t necessary know that it was a premier park or what amenities where in the park.

Back in January 2014, based on the recommendations of the City’s Recreation, Culture & Public Art Committee, City Council authorized the following:

-Artistic signage (to be determined) at the corner of 51B Avenue and 207 Street [for City Park] to direct the public to the music school, outdoor pool, and park amenities including ball fields – up to $25,000.00
-Mural at the Langley Lawn Bowling Club depicting seniors – up to $25,000.00
-Music and sports banners along 207th Street between 51B Avenue and 48 Avenue [for City Park] – up to $250.00 per theme (not including installation and hardware)
-Mural on the pump house at Douglas Park depicting children and water and mural on the washroom at Penzer Bike Skills Park depicting bikes and sports – up to $3,000.00

The original goal was to have this in place for the BC Seniors Games in August 2014.

Tonight, Council will be voting to approve the following two items for City Park.

The first piece is called “The Info Tree” which outlines the various sports and facilities that are in the park. While this tree provides a degree of wayfinding, it complements and does not negate the need for the City to implement its full wayfinding strategy.

The Info Tree Wayfinding Public Art for the corner of 51B Ave and 207th Street. Select image to enlarge.

The second item that Council will be voting to possibly approve is new street banners along 207th Street between 48th Avenue and 51B Avenue which are meant to highlight the importance of this park. The following banners are subject to Council's approval tonight:

Proposed street banners for 207th Street along City Park. Select image to enlarge.

On another park note, as Langley City is getting an additional dog off-leash park, the current dog off-leash park at the corner of 206th Street and 44th Avenue is being renamed the Uplands Dog Park.

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garbage cans and ash collection units would be a great idea too.