Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Water and Sewer Projects in Metro Vancouver Benefit South of Fraser

A few weeks ago, I was at a debate about the upcoming transit plebiscite that was hosted by the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce. I remember someone saying that they wanted to leave Metro Vancouver because they didn’t see the value in being part of the region.

While many of the services that Metro Vancouver provides are not sexy, they support the growth of our region. Without Metro Vancouver services, Langley would be in a pickle. For example, all our water comes from the North Shore. With the exception of Walnut Grove, whose sewage is treated at a Metro Vancouver facility in the community, the rest of Langley’s sewage is treated on Annacis Island in Delta.

In fact, the Township of Langley is spending $60 plus million to connect Aldergrove and Salmon River/Uplands to the Metro Vancouver water and sewer systems. Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley Regional District don’t have the ability, or resources, to support Langley’s growing needs.

Metro Vancouver recently release maps and information about their 2015 new and “in-progress” capital works projects. In total, Metro Vancouver is investing $1.5 billion in projects to growth and maintain our water system. Two of the biggest ticket items, the $880 million Seymour Capilano Filtration Project and $239 million Port Mann Fraser River Water Main directly support growth in the South of Fraser.

Water Capital Approved Projects in Progress. Select map to enlarge.
2015 New Water Capital Projects. Select map to enlarge.

The region is also investing $865 million to maintain and grow sewer infrastructure in Metro Vancouver. The largest project, the $265 million upgrade to the Annacis treatment planet directly supports South of Fraser communities.

Sewer Capital Approved Projects in Progress. Select map to enlarge.
2015 New Sewer Capital Projects. Select map to enlarge.

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