Thursday, February 19, 2015

Township Councillor Richter's motion on transit and transportation plebiscite

Earlier this month, Township of Langley Council passed a motion to "direct [Township of Langley] staff not expend any monetary or staff resources promoting any option or position put forth in the upcoming transportation plebiscite."

During a Township of Langley Council meeting this week, Councillor Kim Richter presented a motion that "Langley Township Council take a firm and public stand against the proposed .5% 'Congestion Improvement Tax'." She also wanted a "Vote No" position posted to the Township's website for the duration of the plebiscite.

Councillor Richter's motion was defeated, but there was a great letter to the editor in the Langley Times by Dan Turner which parodied Richter's motion.

I saw that Langley Township Councillor Kim Richter was putting a forward a motion to council about the upcoming transit referendum. She wants council to officially oppose the Mayors’ Council Transit and Transportation Plan.

This is based on some inaccurate information. Based on the actual facts, I have taken the liberty to revise her motion as follows:

Whereas Langley Township Council has now heard the cases for and against a new 0.5 per cent sales tax for transit in Metro Vancouver;

Whereas all the the money raised by this increase in the PST will be spent in Metro Vancouver, including Langley Township;

Whereas transit improvements in Langley Township under the 10 Year Mayors’ Plan includes billions of dollars worth of new transportation infrastructure like B-Line express bus routes on 200th Street and along Fraser Highway, a light rail line that connects Langley’s core to SkyTrain, new routes in growing neighbourhoods like Willoughby, and increased frequency and service to existing routes; plus more SkyTrain services, B-Lines, Surrey LRT and a new Pattullo Bridge which, while not in the Township, will greatly benefit Township commuters;

Whereas Langley Township has a guarantee that transit improvements in the Township will occur because residents are voting for the Plan specifically tied to the Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax;

Whereas all the new Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax funds will go into an independently audited and publicly reported account used only for the Mayors’ Plan; and

Whereas the Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax will positively affect Langley businesses by reducing congestion and providing better transit options attracting even more new customers;

Therefore be it resolved that the Langley Township Council take a firm and public stand in favour of the proposed Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax because it is a good deal for Langley Township residents and businesses.

Therefore be it resolved that Langley Township Council push aggressively for a Yes Vote in the upcoming referendum.

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