Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Per capita policing costs in the South of Fraser

This week, I have been posting about the City of Langley’s proposed 2015 budget. One of the things that I noted is that in the last few years, a larger percentage of the City’s operating budget has been allocated to policing services.

I wanted to see how Langley City compares to other municipalities in the South of Fraser. I used 2013 to compare, as this is the latest year where all municipalities have their financial information posted online. To help understand the numbers, I used a per capita amount based on the 2013 population for each municipality.

Per capita policing costs in 2013. Select graph to enlarge.

Delta is the only community with its own police service. Clearly this comes at a cost. All the other municipalities contract police services to the RCMP. This appears to be a better value.

It is clear that the City of Langley dedicates more financial resources to policing than any other RCMP-serviced municipality in the South of Fraser.

Township of Langley
City of Langley
White Rock

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