Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Expo Line station upgrades coming in 2015

In 2010, TransLink released a report which outlined the work that needs to be performed on the Expo Line to ensure that the SkyTrain system remains in a state of good repair, and is able to accommodate increasing passenger loads. The authors of the report presented $1.1 billion in upgrades which would ensure that the Expo line continues to meet the needs of Metro Vancouver. Several stations along the Expo Line were identified as needing major upgrades.

TransLink has already completed work at Scott Road Station and is in the middle of rebuilding Main Street-Science World Station. The next two major station rebuilds will be at Commercial-Broadway and Metrotown.

Commercial-Broadway and Metrotown are the busiest stations on the SkyTrain network. TransLink has their work cut out for them as they will be rebuilding these stations while maintaining service.

TransLink recently posted PDFs online which provide some information on the proposed station upgrades, and impacts to customers and area residents during the construction phase. TransLink has posted an online survey for both Metrotown Station and Commercial-Broadway Station; they want your feedback.

Summary of changes to Metrotown Station and new bus exchange. Select image to enlarge.

Summary of changes to Metrotown Station. Select image to enlarge.

TransLink held open houses earlier this year to seek feedback on the preliminary designs for these station. In the first design for Metrotown Station, the pedestrian overpass that directly links the Metrotown Mall Complex to the SkyTrain station was removed. The overpass is now back in the design.

During construction, Metrotown Station will remain open though there will be no elevator. TransLink will provide a shuttle service between Patterson Station and Metrotown to maintain accessibility. Also, the current pedestrian overpass will be demolished, so people will need to cross Central Boulevard at ground level during construction. Construction will begin in 2015.

Summary of changes to Commercial-Broadway Station. Select image to enlarge.

Cross-section of upgraded Commercial-Broadway Station.

During construction at Commercial-Broadway, the west staircase will be closed. In addition, the pedestrian bridge over the Grandview cut will be narrowed. Construction will also begin in 2015.

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Glad to see the pedestrian overpass is back in the Metrotown design.