Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Support Nathan's Run for Langley City Council

It is amazing how fast time flies. Earlier this year, I announced that I am running for Langley City Council. With the November 15th election only a few short weeks away, I require your support.

I’m running because I believe City Council needs to support a strong local economy by renewing Downtown Langley. We must also build an accessible and safe community for all people.

As the longest currently serving member on the City of Langley Parks and Environment Advisory Committee, I will advocate to promote and enhance the Nicomekl floodplain.

If you share my vision of building streets that work, a community that's strong, I require your support.

Today, I’ve launch an exciting fundraising campaign. I need to raise $5,000 to make this vision of Langley possible, with your help.

If you donate online, there are great perks available including an exclusive artisan wine from a local Langley vineyard and high tea with me.

While visiting my online fundraising page at https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/7p9ib, be sure to check out my new video and share it with your friends.

Donate online today, and with your support, we can truly make Langley the place to be.


Anonymous said...

How exactly would you promote/enhance the Nicomekl floodplain and join it to downtown? Also would you advocate for more residential with retail below, especially in the one-way section of Downtown Langley? There needs to be life down there after 7pm.

Nathan Pachal said...

One of the first things we need to do is let people know about the floodplain. The City of Langley has many great plans that have been slow to implementation or never implemented.

We need to have strong wayfinding from Downtown Langley to the floodplain for pedestrian, cyclists, and motorist.

We also need to improve signage and look at ways to promote safety in the floodplain.

One of the other things that we are missing in the City is a North/South greenway that will make all road users feel safe.

As the City has invested millions on overpasses in the last decade, I believe we have the funding, and should shift the priority to building a more multi-modal community.

I’m a big supporter of mixed-use, and Downtown Langley is the perfect place for that kind of development.