Thursday, July 17, 2014

Langley received $83.9 million in transportation services from TransLink in 2013

One of the common things I hear in Langley is that TransLink is taking money from the community while only delivering marginal services. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I looked at TransLink’s 2013 Bus Service Performance Review, TransLink’s 2013 Statutory Annual Report, plus the 2013 Annual Report from both the City of Langley and Township of Langley. What I found is that Langley actually gets more from TransLink than it puts in. Both the City and Township of Langley may be getting close to $9 million in extra services that directly benefit these communities.

My calculation doesn’t include the cost for SkyTrain, West Coast Express, other regional transit routes, or other major roads that are partial funded by TransLink. In fact, I didn’t even include the 320, 341, 364, 388, or C70 bus lines that connect directly into Langley. When factoring in these additional services, Langley is getting an even better deal by being a part of TransLink.

Revenue Received

Property Tax
Township of Langley: $12.1 million
City of Langley: $2.8 million
Total: $14.9 million

Golden Ears Bridge Tolls: $39.4 million

Total Actual Revenue Collected: $54.3 million

Estimated Fuel Tax Collected: $15 million
(Fuel tax collected is about equal to property tax collected regionally)

Estimated Transit Fare Collected: $5.5 million
(Based on 40% fare-box recovery)

Total of Actual and Estimated Revenue Collected: $74.8 million

Service Provided

Transit Service (Bus Lines)
501/590: $2.8 million
502: $5.2 million
509: $261,000
531: $1.4 million
555: $1.2 million
595: $1.1 million
C60: $302,000
C61: $320,000
C62: $770,000
C63: $302,000
C64: $286,000
Total: $14 million

Major Road Network
City of Langley: $299,000
Township of Langley: $2.3 million
Total MRN Cost: $2.6 million

Golden Ears Bridge Cost: $67.3 million

Total Cost of Services Delivered: $83.9 million

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Sharon Best said...

Including the Golden Ears Bridge? Seriously?
I live by it. Empty, empty, empty most of the time.
Not a benefit to us.