Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Proposed funding formula change to libraries increase cost in Langley

With the exception of Surrey, the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) serves all communities east of the Port Mann and Pitt River Bridges. The Fraser Valley Regional Library is proposing changes to its funding formula that will impact the cost of library services in the communities that it serves.

Right now, the library system uses what they call a “True Usage” formula which was developed over 15 years ago to allocate library costs among its member municipalities. The system is based on the number of books circulated and number of customers serviced per municipality. Over the years, this system has been hard to maintain due to the accuracy of the statistics and has resulted in unstable allocation of some resources in municipalities. The FVRL is seeking approval to move to a direct funding model where municipalities pay for the service that they use or by a per capita funding formula.

Proposed changes in library charges for FVRL member municipalities. Click table to enlarge.

As the proposed changes are not meant to increase the total budget of the FVRL, some communities will pay more and others will pay less. Interestingly enough, both the City and Township of Langley will be paying more for library services. The City of Langley is the biggest “losers” in this funding formula change as its library costs will go up 9.19% or $106,882 to $1.3 million, and The Township of Langley will also see a 1.85% or $64,755 increase to $3.6 million if these changes were implemented in the 2013 budget.

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