Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ALR Exclusion Application to Expand Aldergrove

3250 264 Street

Back in 1996, the Township of Langley requested the removal of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) including the 43.99 acre property located at 3250 264 Street as part of a process to provide more living space for the Aldergrove community. The Agricultural Land Commission denied the application at that time. In 2010, this parcel of land came up again for exclusion from the ALR. Township Council at the time did not support the exclusion and the request was dropped.

Jump head to today, and that same parcel of land is up for exclusion support from Township Council again. The proponent is Genstar Development Company and it would like to build low-density and medium-density housing on the site.

Township of Langley staff support the exclusion request as they feel the current land-area of Aldergrove does not provide the necessary “room for growth and to reach an optimal population size to allow the Township to provide services more efficiently and cost effectively.”

Unlike other development proposals in the ALR in the Township, this property is actually located with Metro Vancouver's Urban Growth Boundary. It would only need approval from the ALR and Township Council to allow large-scale development. Also, apparently this property was only actively farm for a short period in the 1990’s.

Whether or not the application to exclude this land will improve the long-term sustainability of Aldergrove, it does seem that the ALR is slowly being chipped away at in Langley. With all the land available along the 200th Street corridor, it would seem to make more sense for the Township to support building a great urban form in that corridor or in existing built-out areas, and really give a sober second thought to all other development applications.

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