Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heritage Buildings in the Township of Langley

I was looking over the Township of Langley November Heritage Advisory Committee Agenda and came across two reports on historically significant buildings in the community. One was called Heritage Inventory Assessment and the other called Statements of Significance. The Statement of Significance contains information on the Lattimer Residence, 6716 216 Street; Roderick Cummings Residence, 21561 Old Yale Road; and Hogben Residence, 23212 88 Avenue.

I wanted to highlight the inventory of public buildings in the first report though if you are interested, check out both reports which start on page 38 of the Heritage Advisory Committee Agenda.

Fernridge Hall, 2389 200 Street

As one of the earliest and only remaining community buildings in the area, the Fernridge Hall is significant to the post-World War I development of Langley.

Langley Playhouse, 4307 200 Street

As one of the earliest remaining civic buildings in the area, the Langley Playhouse is significant to the neighbourhood and Township; its longstanding and active community patronage bolsters its historic and contemporary value.

Life Tabernacle aka St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 4447 200 Street

The Life Tabernacle is significant for its early representation of postwar development in Langley and for its longstanding community function in the originally rural community of Brookswood.

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