Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crash Rates in the Township of Langley

I was looking over last Monday’s Township of Langley Afternoon Council Agenda and came across a report on collision rates at intersections in the Township over the last 5 years. I suggest you take a look starting on page 69. Not surprisingly the higher the volume of traffic, the more collisions that there are though the collision rate adjusts for volume. Here is a list of the top 10 intersections with the highest collision rates:

HWY 1 at 264TH ST
Rate: 10.67
Jurisdiction: MOTI

HWY 1 at 232ND ST
Rate: 10.55
Jurisdiction: MOTI

208TH ST at 88TH AVE
Rate: 6.75
Jurisdiction: TOL

264TH ST at 0 AVE
Rate: 6.72
Jurisdiction: MOTI

264TH ST at 56TH AVE
Rate: 5.32
Jurisdiction: MOTI

Rate: 5.13
Jurisdiction: TOL

72ND AVE at 200TH ST
Rate: 5.11
Jurisdiction: TOL

200TH ST at 88TH AVE
Rate: 4.70
Jurisdiction: MOTI

Rate: 4.46
Jurisdiction: MOTI

Rate: 4.31
Jurisdiction: MOTI

The full list contains 125 intersections and the MOTI has jurisdiction over 16% of them. When looking at the top 10 intersections, the MOTI has jurisdiction over 50% of them. This is amazing when you consider the MOTI only operates three roads in the Township: Highway 1, 10 (Glover Rd), and 13 (264th St). The MOTI is in the business of building high-speed roads that only serve the auto. When looking over the top 10 list, the Township owned roads are also very much auto-oriented.

Building a transportation system that is auto-oriented is not only bad for sustainability, but is also more dangerous. I'm sure planners have known for decades that higher-speed, auto-oriented corridors have a higher crash rate than multimodal corridors, yet we continue to build a dangerous transportation network. I have to wonder when people will realize that we need to shift our transportation system from a dangerous auto-oriented network to safer multimodal network.

MOTI = Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

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