Monday, September 10, 2012

Charleston Place - Public Hearing Tonight

Charleston Place - Artist Drawing. Click Image to Enlarge

Charleston Place - 3D Rendering. Click Image to Enlarge

Tonight at Langley City Hall, there will be a public hearing on the rezoning application for the proposed 15-storey, mixed-use Charleston Place building. The proposed development will be at the intersection of Industrial Avenue and 203rd Street and if approved will be replacing a run-down looking building that currently hosts a night club. The public hearing package contains many drawings for the project and I’ve included a few on this post.

What excites me about this project is that it will be the first high-rise building in the City and will include ground level retail to the curb. When I looked at the first renderings of the project, I was concerned that it would be like some of the mixed-use projects in the Township where there is a parking lot fronting the building. I’m pleased that all parking will be enclosed within the building. The renderings are a bit deceiving because the parking lot that is in them is for the strip mall that is across the street. Another interesting thing about this proposed project is that it will include a 7-storey parkade that appears to blend in with the office component of the building. If done right, you shouldn't be able to tell that there is above-ground parking (though I think underground parking best.) I’m happy to see the project also includes bike parking.

I’ve had some people tell me that they aren’t too keen about the architectural style of the building, but for me the architectural style isn't as important as things like ground-level retail and enclosed parking. While I’m sure we’ll see other architectural styles in the City, I’m hoping that this project will set the bar higher for the type of development that should occur in Downtown Langley: mixed-use and pedestrian friendly with no large parking lots. If this project is approved, it will hopefully be the start of the transformation of Downtown Langley's public realm into a great pedestrian-friendly urban space.

Charleston Place - Building Cross-Section. Click Image to Enlarge

Charleston Place - Main Floor Plan. Click Image to Enlarge

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David said...

Personally I would rather limit the height of buildings like they did in Redmond Wash. otherwise a nice town quickly become a city.