Thursday, May 24, 2012

Infographic – Government Service Delivery in Metro Vancouver

With the recent controversy over TransLink and Metro Vancouver, it has become apparent that there is broad confusion over which level of government or agency delivers services to people in our region. To help people understand the complexity of service delivery in our region, OnTrax partnered with local graphic artist Sam Bradd to develop an infographic that shows who is responsible for delivering services to people in the region.

Infographic – Government Service Delivery in Metro Vancouver
Infographic – Government Service Delivery in Metro Vancouver. Click Image to Enlarge.

What becomes apparent when looking at the infographic is that there is a large degree of overlap in service delivery. It shows how our region is really based on cooperation and that all levels of government share the responsibility in providing services to people in Metro Vancouver.

The infographic also shows that the federal government plays a very limited role in the direct delivery of “on the ground” services that people rely on daily. Parks are the one service that all levels of government support directly, which shows the importance of green space for Canadians.

Download a PDF version of the infographic from our document archive. The infographic is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.


Anonymous said...

A good start, and certainly a worthwhile point to make. I don't think you could ever capture it all; but if you're putting "land use planning" under regional government, then "development approvals" should go under municipalities; you could add "recreation" to "community centres"; and you could add "supportive housing for seniors" to "hospitals," which also brings in a ton of for-profit and non-profit partners. And the police, of course, are sometimes municipal employees and sometimes RCMP supposedly reporting to the municipality, unless they serve an unincorporated area in which case they're under contract to the Province, or on a provincial assignment, or on a federal assignment...

Nathan Pachal said...

Thanks for the feedback! The challenge was to provide enough information without making the graphic unreadable. The first draft of this was very confusing and we had to a lot of fine tuning.