Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yorkson Creek

Probably one of the largest development projects current happening in Langley is by Quadra Home on a project called Yorkson Creek which includes townhouses and apartments. In June 2010, they were issue a development permit to build sixteen four storey apartment buildings which included 1,474 units. In September 2011, they applied to increase the height of three buildings from four storeys to five storeys, increase unit sizes, and slightly reduce the total number of units. I was looking through the Development Activities section of the Township of Langley’s website; I noticed that they have now applied on March 19th to allow a maximum building height of six storeys and also add townhouse to the once apartment only part of this project. It has been interesting to see how while the height of the apartment buildings have been increasing in this project, the actual number of units has been decreasing. I know some in the Township of Langley oppose taller buildings because generally it means more people in a neighbourhood, but this development seems to fly in the face of that logic.

Site Plan for Yorkson Creek Appartments

One of the things that concerns me now in the Township of Langley is that many current and future projects in the north section of Willoughby really need transit access to be successful from a sustainability standpoint. With the silly games that are going on will TransLink, I wonder if this will have a negative effect on Willoughby and prevent the development of a truly sustainable neighbourhood. The Township may find itself with the right densities to allow for frequent transit, but no actual transit service.


Anonymous said...

Yes, perhaps the TOL is taking the approach of build it and transit will come? ;-)

Something has to give...there is absolutely no reasonable transit service for that area. It just means more and more vehicles on the road for at least the forseeable future.

Please keep blogging about these issues...good on you to at least try to raise the awareness.

Todd Ostrowercha
Managing Director

Nathan Pachal said...

Sorry about the delay in posting. Our comment system was broken.