Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sidewalk coming to Langley Bypass

The title of this post may be a little tongue-in-cheek, but there is a proposed new development at the corner of 200th Street and the Langley Bypass that will include a real sidewalk which is a first for the Ministry of Transportation section of the Langley Bypass. The proposed development will include a Cactus Club Restaurant and was the subject of a public hearing at the City of Langley last night.

Site Plan. Click image to enlarge.

One of the things about this development that is a positive step in the right direction is that it fronts the Bypass and 200th Street and it isn't setback in a sea of parking. Also, while the building turns it's back to the Bypass, there is glass instead of a blank wall which is interesting considering that another development in Langley in a more pedestrian friendly areas doesn't even follow that rule.

Elevation and rendering of proposed development. Click image to enlarge.

What I did find interesting is that there is an allowance for a 4.78m road dedication along the frontage of the Langley Bypass and a 5.6m road dedication along the frontage of 200th Street. I suppose this is to ensure that in the future we can add more travel lanes or better yet, bike lanes.

The Langley Bypass is one of the worst places to be if you don't have a car. While developments like the proceeding put more thought into other forms of transportation, overall I think this section of town is doomed to be auto-only for the next little while until a plan is developed that will put a priority on providing transportation choice in the area. I do wonder if the Langley Bypass will ever become more urban and more sustainable.

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