Friday, February 19, 2010

TransLink and the Road Network

Over at the Surrey Leader, Jeff Nagel talked to City of Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender who chairs the mayors' council. The mayors' council supports having all communities at the table in TransLink 3.0. They also support the idea of the province being at the table, so that regional planners and provincial planners can work together and not against each other.
"Having all of the communities there is a positive," he said. "It ensures that we all see the big picture, that the regional issues are looked at by everyone and that we hold ourselves accountable.”
Meanwhile at the Congress of New Urban, there is a great presentation on the change of the North American street network since the big freeway push of the 1950’s. Not surprising, fatalities rates have increased for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Also not shocking is the older style street grid system promotes more sustainable modes of transportation.

The grid system also allows for faster and more efficient responses from emergency services. Recently the Township of Langley and even the City of Surrey are returning to the grid system.

Hartford, Connecticut

Before Freeway System

After Freeway System

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