Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BC Scrap-it Program and Cycling

As many people know, there is a good scrap-it program in place to get rid of old vehicles. My wife and I decided to participate. There are three options when you take your old vehicle in and we chose the bicycle option. The dealer deducts a hundred dollars from the price and the scrap-it program gives up to six hundred dollars in a cheque that gets mailed out.

I did not want to get rid of our 1988 Pontiac Sunbird, but the transmission began to leak and the steering would go into manual without warning. The turn signal only worked when it felt like it.

We obtained a new bike, seeing how sustainable it will be. I am pleased to see more bike lanes in the City of Langley though I wish there would be more secure parking for bicycles. Kwantlen University, for example, has a complete chain link enclosure for every bicycle. You just have to bring your own lock and it's free (unlike their car parking.) I am almost sixty eight years old and riding a bicycle still feels great.

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