Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Commercial Land Use and Transportation

This afternoon Township Council received this report on commercial properties in the Township, as it relates to land use and the new Sustainability Charter as Nathan reported yesterday. I was present for this council meeting and the presentation from Jason Chu of the Planning Department. Jason and Paul Crawford were responsible for the Sustainability Charter public engagements and works.

It was interesting to see the questions and interaction from council. The questions started in earnest with Councillor Charlie Fox who asked about the various commercial corridors, opportunity for density/mixed use and most important, transportation. Fox pointed out that we already have significant population to various centres and sometimes we need to provide the transit solutions ahead of the density. Fox went onto say that with these various plans lifting off and people needing to be moved to and from the Langley Events Centre, he would support a pilot rapid transit project.

Councillor Bateman, Richter and others spoke about the need for urban villages and creative big box stores that have large elements of residential opportunities and less paved ugly spaces. Councillor Mel Kositsky offered the usual... if the provincial government pays he will be all for a pilot project. We have to be careful he said. We agree that the provincial government should pay, but council should not preclude innovation, partnerships and creativity.

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