Wednesday, February 8, 2023

January 30th Council Notes: Family Doctors, Segways, and Committees & Task Groups

Last week, I posted about Langley City Council’s proposed 2023 budget, which Council gave first and second reading at its January 30th meeting. Today, I will post about the rest of that Council meeting.

Council heard from a resident concerned that he couldn’t use his Segway in City parks and on trails. After the meeting, City staff confirmed that Segways are permitted in parks and on trails.

Council then heard from the Langley Division of Family Practice. The Division supports and advocates on behalf of physicians and nurse practitioners. Their main goals are to connect people with family doctors, recruit and retain physicians and nurse practitioners in Langley, and provide support and education to physicians and nurse practitioners in our community.

The Division noted in their presentation that there are 38 physicians in Langley City. In both Langley City and Township, they said that 6,800 people do not have a family doctor. The Division’s top concerns for Langley are mental illness, substance use, isolation, chronic disease, and poverty. These reasons are why the Division is setting up primary care networks to help connect people with family doctors to get people the help they need.

The following slide from their presentation shows how this network will work at a high level. This plan will require more resources. The Division wants to recruit 21 new family doctors and 12 new nurse practitioners to Langley. They also want to improve after-hours care for patients, so they don’t end up in emergency because that is the only option available.

Primary Care Network Overview. Select the image to enlarge.

Later in the meeting, Council gave final reading to an updated Records Management bylaws, which I previously posted.

Langley City has various committees and task groups where community members can volunteer their time and knowledge. Council appointed people to these committees and task groups for 2023. You can read who Council appointed on Langley City’s website.

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