Thursday, December 17, 2020

TransLink to purchase 205 new SkyTrain cars for $723 million

Today the TransLink Board will be meeting for the last time this year. On the agenda is purchasing 205 new SkyTrain cars. These cars will replace the ageing original Mark I cars and provide enough new cars to support the Millennium Line's Broadway Subway extension.

Even compared to the latest SkyTrain car model, there will be new and improved features such as:

  • The trains will be in a 5-car configuration versus 4-car seen today
  • Provisioned for passenger Wi-Fi
  • Better HVAC with extra cooling
  • Better seating arrangement and design
  • Equipped for new in-train next stop/information displays
  • Enhanced bike racks
  • Fold-down hostler seats
  • On-board computers enhancements
  • Provisioned for a new communication system
  • Enhanced LED headlights
  • Extra middle interior light for door status
  • Additional fault detection lights on each door
  • New end cap design
  • 15% reliability improvement

The total cost for these new cars is $723 million. TransLink is also securing an option to purchase 400 more SkyTrain cars to support future expansion, including the extension to Langley.

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