Thursday, January 30, 2020

Building Langley City’s Future: Significant projects in the proposed $19.4 million 2020 capital budget

Yesterday, I posted about the proposed record-level $111 million in investments that Langley City council is proposing to make into our community over the next five years to support the Nexus of Community vision, preparing for the arrival of SkyTrain. Today, I wanted to highlight some of the significant projects proposed in the $19.4 million 2020 capital budget.

Strategic Land Acquisition - $10 million
Ensures Langley City redevelops in a way that maximizes the benefit to our residents and businesses.

Sewer & Drainage Projects - $2.0 million
Various projects including an upgrade to the main sewer line along 200th Street.

Parks, Trails, and Recreation Projects - $1.4 million
Various projects including upgrading washrooms at Douglas Recreation Centre, Linwood Park, and Rotary Centennial Park. Al Anderson Pool improvements. New trees in McBurney Plaza. New Rotary Centennial Park Community Garden. Urban Forests Management Strategy. New picnic shelter at City Park.

Water Projects - $835,000
Various projects to ensure drinking water system remains in a state of good repair.

Protected Bike Lanes - $768,000
Support projects along 208th Street and Glover Road. TransLink providing $710,000, or 92% of this funding.

Road Rehabilitation - $745,000
Repaving streets throughout the community.

Safer Crosswalks, Walkways and Streets - $710,000

  • Implement safer pedestrian crossings at 53rd Avenue near Brydon Lagoon, and Grade Crescent at 201 A Street.
  • Improve intersection safety at Grade Crescent and 208th Street.
  • Start process of improving pedestrian crossings at 208th Street/45A Avenue, and 200th Street at the Hydro Lines.
  • Pave walkway between Grade Crescent and 48th Avenue.
  • Improve pedestrian safety at the Duncan Way railroad crossing.

Langley City Fire Rescue Service Equipment - $535,000
Replace aging equipment and personal protective equipment to support first responders.

City Hall Reconfiguration - $368,000
Allow for additional desk space for City Hall staff.

LED Street Light Replacement - $200,000
Finish upgrading all City-owned streetlights to LED.

Performing Arts Centre Funding Study - $100,000
Develop a funding model and business case for the performing arts centre.

Affordable Housing Strategy - $40,000
Begin work on developing an affordable housing strategy.

You can learn more about the proposed capital budget by visiting Langley City’s website. There will also be an open house where you can ask questions and provide feedback on:

Thursday, February 06, 2020 6:00pm - 8:00pm:
Langley City Hall
20399 Douglas Crescent

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