Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 29, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Rezoning Requests West of 200th Street

Monday night’s Langley City council meeting started with a public hearing for a proposed rezoning at the corner of Brydon Crescent and 199A Street to accommodate a 77-unit, four-storey apartment building. This area west of 200th Street has seen a significant amount of redevelopment activity over the last few years.

The proponent of the project presented an overview of the building and its landscaping. As is standard, the developer will be responsible for improving the sidewalk and street around the proposed project. This includes the City’s new standard for curb extensions which improves visibility for all road users and lowers speeds at intersections, reducing collisions and near-misses between people walking and driving.

Proposed site plan, including street design, for Brydon Crescent apartment project. Select image to enlarge.

On-street parking will also be accommodated via parking pockets to clearly delineate parking areas. On the topic of parking, the proposed apartment building will also include 10 EV charging stations in the underground lot.

Because of poor soil conditions in some parts of the City, most underground parking in not flush with the sidewalk. Some apartment buildings present a concrete wall to the street as a result. This project will include a landscaped, terraced design which will result in a better public realm.

Proposed apartment project at 19941, 19943, 19951 & 5444 Brydon Crescent/5461 199A Street. Select image to enlarge.

There was one person at the public hearing who was concerned about development proposals generally in the area. He was concerned about buildings not having enough on-site parking, leading to parking spill-over onto the street. He was also concerned that there was not enough affordable housing in the community.

For 30 years, there was no on-street parking around the apartment building that I live in. On-street parking was recently introduced a month ago. The new on-street parking in now well used. Free on-street parking is like free beer, you can never provide enough. To learn more read, “The High Cost of Free Parking.”

Council gave third reading to the rezoning after the public hearing. Council also gave first and second reading to another proposed rezoning at the end of 55A Avenue, near 196 Street. This will allow for a public hearing to be scheduled for that request.

Proposed townhouse project located at 19607, 19619, 19629, 19649 & 19655 55A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

Near the end of the meeting, Council approved two out-of-province training requests for staff members to attend the Pacific Northwest Resource Management School, and 2018 National Planning Conference.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a development without those hideous concrete walls surrounding the building. Much improved public realm. Can this be a policy going forward or just a suggestion to developers?

Nathan Pachal said...

It could be a policy.