Wednesday, July 19, 2017

TransLink accelerates purchase of 28 additional SkyTrain cars to meet demand

People like taking SkyTrain in Metro Vancouver. It is fast, efficient, and gives people a way out of congestion. So many people are using the Expo Line and Millennium Line with Evergreen Extension that more SkyTrain cars are needed sooner than later.

Forecasted Expo Line passenger volumes, and provided capacity. Select chart to enlarge.

As part of phase one of TransLink’s 10 Year Vision, 28 new SkyTrain cars were purchased. As I posted about earlier, phase two of the plan calls for the procurement of 86 additional SkyTrain cars.

TransLink is now proposing to move forward the purchase of an additional 28 SkyTrain cars, getting them into service two to three years earlier than planned.

This acceleration will be funded by moving some of the original phase one projects into phase two.

Phase One - Phase Two project swap to enable accelerated purchase of SkyTrain cars. Select table to enlarge.

These changes will be voted on at the next Mayors’ Council meeting which is scheduled for July 27th.

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