Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Proposed design for new Pattullo Bridge released. Will more truck traffic be going thru New West?

What to do with the Pattullo Bridge has been on the agenda of TransLink for some time. The bridge has major structural issues, and TransLink is currently doing repair work to prevent the bridge from literally crumbling into the Fraser River within the next decade.

TransLink, Surrey, and New Westminster worked through a design process back in 2013 that looked at all sorts of options for replacing the Pattullo Bridge including the size and location. While most of the details were worked out, the City of Surrey wanted to see a six-lane bridge while New Westminster wanted nothing more than four-lanes.

For the Mayors’ Council Regional Transportation Investments Plan which people voted on in 2015, the region agreed that the Pattullo Bridge would be tolled, four-lanes, and could be expanded to six-lanes in the future.

Example cross-section of new Pattullo Bridge with four-lane to six-lane option. Select image to enlarge.

Because the current Pattullo Bridge has serious structural issues, TransLink has still been working towards getting the bridge replaced as soon as possible. This month, TransLink is seeking feedback on the proposed design for the new bridge.

Artist rendering of proposed Pattullo Bridge. Select image to enlarge.

Besides improving safety for people driving over the bridge, cycling and walking infrastructure will be improved.

The following proposed design shows how TransLink is looking a connecting the new Pattullo Bridge to the road network in Surrey which includes a grade-separated interchange.

Proposed connections between Pattullo Bridge and Surrey transportation network. Select image to enlarge.

On the New Westminster side of the bridge, the following connections are being proposed.

Proposed connections between Pattullo Bridge and New Westminster transportation network. Select image to enlarge.

One of the new changes to bridge connectivity is improved access to East Columbia Street. This is likely to improve truck access from that road over to Surrey, and could support a future North Fraser Perimeter Road. An off-ramp from the bridge onto the southbound lane of the South Fraser Perimeter Road plus a proposed Scott Road Extension which will connect to the northbound lane of the South Fraser Perimeter Road will enable this access.

There is a series of meetings that will be held this month, plus online feedback is also being accepted on the proposed access to the bridge. For more information, please visit TransLink’s website.

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arlene marie hartley said...

i hope that the Patullo Bridge can be made safe enough for locals to enjoy and as a tourist attraction with venues side by side from one end to the other... no traffic except for bicycles and perhaps a horse-drawn 'Surrey With a Fringe on Top' carriage going to and fro (or something equally as unique)on the Surrey side; and some Royal decree as the original capital city of our province on the New Westminster side... a great place for shopping, lunch, dinner, etc or just to stroll through park-like settings that will enhance Surrey's claim as the "City of Parks"