Thursday, October 15, 2015

New visualization project maps Stats Canada data

The visualization of statistics can help us comprehend complex information. The Statistics Canada Census and National Household Survey contain a wealth of information. Unfortunately, most of that information is only available in data tables. On their own, these data tables can seem like just a jumble of numbers, but visualized, that data comes to life.

Jens von Bergmann and Alejandro Cervantes started a data visualization project called Census Mapper. This project represents various Census and National Household Survey data sets onto an interactive map. Right now, there is a little more than a dozen different maps available for all of Canada on the site.

One of the interesting map for Metro Vancouver is the combined commuting cost plus median value of housing by census track. The results are similar to the Metro Vancouver study that I posted about earlier this year. With the exception of the super-rich single-family housing areas in Vancouver and West Vancouver, the closer you are to transit, the more affordable it is to live in Metro Vancouver.

Map of Combined Commuting Cost and Dwelling Value based on data from Stats Canada. Select map to enlarge.

What is really neat about the Census Mapper project, is that you can drill into more detailed maps from the overall maps. For example, the follow map shows the direct commute cost which data was fed into the overall combined commuting cost and dwelling value map.

Map of Direct Commute Cost. Select map to enlarge.

New maps a being added to the Census Mapper site regularly.

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