Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pie Chart of 2014 TransLink Property Tax

Property tax is a major source of revenue for TransLink. In fact, property tax represented about 40% of the taxation-based revenue that TransLink received in 2013. This money is used to fund both roads and transit service in Metro Vancouver.

The Government of BC collects various statistics from local governments in the province. One of the things that I was curious about was the amount of property tax revenue collected for TransLink in 2014 by municipality. I have presented this information in the following pie chart.

2014 TransLink property taxes by municipality. Select chart to enlarge.


Shaun said...

As someone who recently moved from Vancouver to Langley Township I found this pie chart eye-opening. My early experiences with transit in the Township of Langley would indicate this area is dramatically under served considering their financial contribution to TransLink.

Other than the Carvolth Exchange there is not much access to effective transit in this area - highlighted by the difficulty in getting to Carvolth Exchange via transit from most parts of the Township.

Certainly the level of transit infrastructure and routes in Langley Township is significantly less than municipalities paying similar amounts like Coquitlam and Delta.

I hope TransLink is soon able to add transit improvements in the Township of Langley - both because they are needed and for financial fairness!

Nathan Pachal said...

Yes, also remember that TransLink contributes to local roads and the Golden Ear Bridge which is heavily subsidized.