Thursday, March 6, 2014

Talking about the Brookswood Plan on transit

For the last several evenings, the Township of Langley has been holding a public hearing on the proposed Brookswood Community Plan. The multi-day public hearing is a result of the large number of people interested in what changes may happen in their community, and to voice their support or concerns.

I can tell that this plan has stirred up Brookswood residents because this morning on my bus (which comes from Brookwoods) two people that never talk to each other were talking about the proposed Brookswood Plan.

One person was concerned about density and its effect on the aquifer. He was concerned that underground parking in apartments could cause a negative impact to the ecosystem.

The other person though the plan was good because it would support transit and improve the walkability of the area. He mentioned that he doesn’t feel safe taking his kids out for walks because of the lack of sidewalks, fast traffic, and unsafe parking lots. As an aside, he also talked about how horribly unfriendly the Langley Bypass is for people. He talked how it is stressful to drive around, and how it is impossible to walk around.

It was interesting listening to the two different views. Obviously one person from Brookswood is concerned about environmental impacts of development while the other wants to see a more accessible community. The Township must ensure that any new development in Brookswood satisfies these two peoples which is possible because building an accessible community while protecting the environment is entirely possible.

It was really nice to see two strangers on the bus have a civil conversation about a complex community issues like the proposed Brookswood Community Plan.

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