Thursday, October 17, 2013

South Fraser OnTrax joins Get OnBoard BC Coalition for Transit

As you know, the BC Liberals have insisted that there be a referendum on approving a new regional funding source to pay for much needed transit improvement in Metro Vancouver. Without new funding for transit, our region’s livability will be impacted as more people move into the region while having less transit services available. Without new funding for transit, some areas of the region won’t see much needed transit service and other parts will see ever increasing congestion on transit routes. Both will lead to more people being forced to drive a vehicle which will lead to more congestion on the roads. It will also mean that residents in the South of Fraser will be forced to pay road tolls when crossing the Fraser River as there will be no other viable travel options.

This is why it is important that Metro Vancouver citizens approve a new funding source for transit next fall. If you want to learn more about what a new funding solution (like a 0.5% regional sale tax) could fund, I suggestion you read our Leap Ahead transit plan for Metro Vancouver.

Get OnBoard BC is a broad, growing coalition which supports the introduction of sustainable and equitable funding solutions for transit, increased transit service, and the construction of rapid transit projects region-wide. This coalition plans to be a voice to let people in the region know that funding transit is needed in Metro Vancouver as we lead up to the referendum next fall. This is why South Fraser OnTrax has official joined the coalition and I will be personally helping them out.

Please check out Get OnBoard’s website for more information about the organization.

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