Monday, December 3, 2012

Duffy Hill Development at 200th Street and 68th Avenue

In early November a public hearing was held for a proposed multi-building, multi-phase development at 68th Avenue and 200th Street called Duffy Hill. The project has been controversial as some neighbours are concerned that the people who will occupy the five/six-storey apartments will overwhelm local schools with children and/or commit crime at a higher rate than people who live in single-family housing and townhouses in the area. The project appears to be proceeding and I thought I would share some of the site plans and renders for the project.

Maximum Height for Various Buildings in Duffy Hill Development

Duffy Hill Development Cross Section
Example Duffy Hill Apartment Elevation

The developer has buffered the apartment buildings by providing a step down in height around the buildings with other housing types that match the height of existing building. Because the apartments will be built on a hillside, they will not be towering above other buildings in the area. The most interesting part of the project will be the restoration of Jeffrieds Brook and the accompanying trail infrastructure around it.

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