Monday, February 20, 2012

Downtown Langley - New Mixed-use Development

I was very excited to see one of the first examples of an infill development in the City of Langley that actually is built on top of an existing building. The proposed development is located near 203rd Street at Fraser Highway. The building was constructed in 1993 with the provision for residential development to be built on top. It looks like that time has come.

Render of proposed new development.
One of the interesting things about lots in Downtown Langley is that they are very narrow and long. This development takes advantage of that “feature” by designing an inner courtyard that will allow more natural light into the residential units.

Ground Floor and Parking Plan. Click image to enlarge.

Typical residential floor plan. Click image to enlarge.
This is an exciting development and is a refreshing departure from the residential-only buildings that have been constructed lately in the City. I look forward to seeing this project complete. There is a Committee of the Whole meeting at the City of Langley Hall tonight at 7pm if you want to comment on the project.

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