Friday, December 16, 2011

Bedford Landing in Fort Langley

I was going through Fort Langley the other day and decided to take a look at Bedford Landing which is a new residential development with 278 single family and row houses, 8 townhouses, and 70 apartments units.

Bedford Landing Site Plan. Click Image to Enlarge.

One of the things that I noted about the project was the variety of housing choices within walking distance of each other: apartments, townhouses, row houses, small lot single family houses, and large lot single family houses. It’s actually a great example of how you can create a neighbourhood that has housing choice for everyone in different price points. Being located within an easy walk of the Fort Langley shopping area makes Bedford Landing a good example of a walkable neighbourhood. It’s also good that the riverfront is 100% publicly accessible. The only thing missing (and this is for Fort Langley in general) is transit service. The project is now complete, but there are a few lots that look like they would be perfect for a main street/mixed-use development. I know there are some in the community that don't want to see this happen, so it will be interesting to see was develops.


Anonymous said...

The Bedford Landing development is a plus for the Fort Langley high street in at least two ways. It has added to the potential customer base for local merchants, which I would think is appreciated after the closure of the Albion ferry service; and it has added an easily accessible riverfront walk for visitors to the Fort.

Joe Zaccaria said...

I've taken international planners to Bedford Landing and the result was a mass photo session for hours and them reluctant to leave. The Flat Iron building you picture here will provide live/work options that wee not available in the other products offered to date. Before Bedford Landing, Fort Langley was on the decline and quickly becoming dirty old area of town. With the sprucing up of commercial store fronts by Mr. Woodward and Park Lane's investment, Fort Langley is looking tidy again. I think some people underestimate the value of these investments.