Wednesday, January 26, 2011

192 St/54 Ave/196 St Open House Presentation Materials

Somehow I missed this, but the City of Langley has put the opening house presentation documents online for one of the Roberts Bank Corridor Projects which included the controversial Mufford Crescent Overpass.

This part of the project will see the construction of three new overpasses and a new road; 196th Street. You should check out the document. It is good to see that 53rd Avenue won't be subject to more automobile traffic and there will be access for pedestrians between 53rd Avenue and the project. I will also look into access for cyclist as this whole project will contain cycling lanes.

Interesting is that right now there is bus service along 56th Avenue to 192nd Street, the project as it stands now looks like it will cut bus service off past the news 196th Street. :-(

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