Monday, April 26, 2010

Another BRT bites the dust

Well, it hasn’t even been built yet, and it looks like the City of Winnipeg is having second thoughts about their in-construction Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. According the CBC, a City of Winnipeg committee “has recommended $100,000 be spent to explore the option of light rail transit in Winnipeg.”
Katz first raised the idea last week of looking at light rail transit because construction and operation of such a system is not as expensive as first believed, he said, adding one kilometre of rapid transit costs $38 million. Light rail costs $50 million for one kilometre.

A light rail system also has the potential to stimulate development of infill neighbourhoods along its corridor, Katz noted.
While OnTrax supports all kinds of transit options, study after study after study proves that light rail is the best mode to a.) get choice riders onto transit and b.) stimulate economic development.

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