Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surrey Transportation

Sometimes it is good working at a multicultural TV station because you find interesting things out in the Surrey Area. For example, I found out that the City of Surrey has a Transportation Committee. It was interesting reading their meeting minutes.

As you may know, 88th Avenue is one of the only continuous West/East routes in the city. 88th Avenue also feeds into the Alex Fraser Bridge. As a result, 88th Avenue has become a very busy route. Since at least 2000, the City of Surrey has been looking at way to ease congestion. On July 21, Surrey’s Transportation Committee made some interesting observations.
The intersection at King George Highway and 88th Avenue has excessive delays and almost one collision per day according to the report. They were presented with the following four options to help solve that issue:

Do nothing - will lead to increased congestion over time and collision incidents. Not viewed as an acceptable approach

Interchange or jug-handle at KGH/88 Avenue - , out of context localized solution requiring huge expenditure ($20-30 million) and will simply shift congestion issues to adjacent intersections. Not considered an appropriate approach.

Widening 88 Avenue to 6 lanes - would involve significant property acquisition, reconstruction, impact to property owners and extremely high cost to the City. Not viewed as a viable option.

Complete missing road links – 84 Avenue from KGH to 140 Street and 124 Street from 108 Avenue to KGH.

The City should not install a roundabout at 88 Ave/ KGH at this time due to latent travel demand and the increased traffic flows that would impact adjacent intersections.
They recommended completing 84th Avenue. Interesting to note that the City of Surrey recognizes latent demand and new transportation infrastructure.

On the Roberts Bank Corridor front, it looks like things are moving along with an expected overpasses construction start date of June 2010. According to the committee minutes, it looked like the City of Surrey was recommending building an overpass at 54th Avenue/53rd Avenue (the road I live on), but the City of Langley rejected that idea.

Anyway, check out the minutes for an interesting read.

As a side note, in an effort to rebrand Whalley to Downtown Surrey, Whalley Ring is recommended to be renamed City Centre Ring Road.

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