Thursday, December 1, 2011

Letter to the Editor - A Youthful Future

As a followup to Tuesday's post on youth, my friend Bert Chen sent the following letter to the editor.

Dear editor,

Over the course of our recent election campaign, it was an absolute pleasure to meet many new neighbours and friends. While our two Langleys pride themselves on being a great place to live and work, a sad and disturbing fact remains that there are too few young adults in our community. While it is undeniable that we have one of the largest populations of children in the Lower Mainland, there appears to be a significant vacuum of young adults, necessary for promoting business and growth in the future. It is unfortunate that so many people between the age of 19 and 30 are leaving Langley in order to pursue their careers, something that is comparatively difficult to achieve here.

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of knowing Elizabeth Pratt, one of our more prominent youths co-founder of Langley Youth for the Fallen, Todd Hauptman and Tara Teng, two great local human-trafficking activists, Nathan Pachal, the writer behind the South Fraser Blog, and the Times’ own Miranda Gathercole (I apologize if I have not had the opportunity to meet others who I have neglected to mention here) -but as a fellow young adult and member of our community, I feel disturbed by the fact that I can count all the young adults involved in our neighbourhood on one hand.

As we look into the future during this rapidly changing time, I hope that we as a community can work together to encourage our fellow young people to make a difference.

-Bert Chen, Langley

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